National Siblings Day takes social media by storm. Sorry only children!

Happy National Siblings Day! Wait, did you not know it was a holiday before your Facebook feed started popping up with old photos and heartfelt tributes?

National Siblings Day actually did exist before social media. According to the Siblings Day Foundation, Claudia Evart started the holiday in 1995. April 10th was chosen in honor of her late sister.


Despite its lofty goals of becoming as big a holiday as Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, Siblings Day has never been recognized as a federal holiday. The Siblings Foundation is lobbying the White House to make it a national holiday.

Whether or not that happens, social media has already declared the day official. By 3 p.m. on Sunday, over 100,000 tweets had been sent about the day. Over 2 million Instagram users had posted about it. Facebook doesn’t release numbers on its status updates, but it did show up as trending.

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