Tkbesh! Exclusive Interview: Meet ‘DeTwist Revolutionist’, Contortionist Dou DFLEX and RICHY

The DR, are talented acrobats and contortionists from Lagos, Nigeria. Famous in the world of Contortion for staying alive and well in the tightest situations that could possibly happen to young and promising contortionists on stage, with their brave and artful demonstrations of the human body’s abilities. In this Interview,Tkbesh! Chats ‘DeTwist Revolutionist’ Dflex & Richy on their skills of extreme physical flexibility.

  DR..1 DR..2

DR.. DR..4

Tkbesh! Can our readers meet these walking bubblegums. Are you brothers or friends. Dflex and Richy, please tell us about you and what you do?

@drofficial101: Okay we are contortionists and we are actually friends. Dflex is yoruba from Akure in Ondo state. Richy is from Delta. It’s been nine years since we have been in the act of contortion, right from secondary school days where we met at a competition and decided to start working together. Aside from contortion, Dflex is studying mass communication at Yaba college of technology here in Nigeria. While Richy is into music, so he’s a musician aside from being a contortionist. . We also double as yoga instructors.

Tkbesh! Wow! That’s Interesting. DR, I have seen some certainly mind-blowing body-bending stunts that are rare on your Instagram. They are unusual by human standards, which would make anyone gasp. Amazingly you both appeared so calm in such apparently painful positions. How does it actually feel on your internals?

  @drofficial101: Actually contortion is an act that heals the body and protects it from pain. When all poses are mastered there are no pains involved.  We feel great when ever we do what we do and it’s super fun. You have to understand contortion is the best form of exercise that does not cost any penny.

Tkbesh! If I had to do any of these bendlngs, I’d probably scream in agony. Let’s go back to the beginning. Would you say that was the case at the very start. Was there no pain at all?

@drofficial101: Like the saying “no pain no gain” there are of course several pains at first trying to go extraordinary. Remember, they also say “to become extraordinary u have to do the extraordinary”. Now the pains are not injuries or fractures, just the normal pain when trying something new. So, it’s a God’s given gift really. Another thing is, you always have to be willing to do more than you have mastered in order to grow. 

Tkbesh! There is this particular stunt In your photo Dflex, where your tummy was tucked in completely. Do you do that on an empty stomach? DR..5

@drofficial101: Yes I do it on an empty stomach, to bring out the beauty and to make the ribs very well visible to create a great stunt.

Tkbesh! Is it healthy to bend your spine in such way you do. I mean any worries about back problems you may be prone to as you get older?


@drofficial101: Good question there Tkbesh! Contortion has no known disadvantage in that area. Like I said earlier, It is the best form of exercise that keeps illness away. Contortionists are always the strongest when it comes to health Issue, they don’t age on time and at old age they are still strong and fit. So, as far as Contortion is concerned,no problem. We are are immune to diseases with the act of contortion.  Laughing…

Tkbesh! Where do you see DFlex and Richy in 5years?

DR. DR.1

 @drofficial101: Dflex and Richy in the next five years will be the face of this act contortion in Nigeria. As well as as ambassador of brands and telecommunication companies. Where we would empower the young generation to make a difference, with whatever gift and talent God has given them.   

Tkbesh!  Amen. Before my final question, Tell us what Success mean to Dflex and Richy?

@drofficial101 Success to us is when we get to a certain level in life, where our name ‘DR’ commands respect among our peers. When our name becomes that household name, and every child wants to be like Dflex and Richy because of the difference we make. 

Tkbesh! Thanks for your time, really nice interviewing a unique contortionist duo. Any shout out or what you want to say to all our readers, perhaps a message or your personal slogan? Something?

@drofficial101: We are saying a big shout out to everybody supporting the act. Thank you very much Tkbesh! For this opportunity. And to everyone reading this, we love you all. Please go support the #DeTwistRevolutionist Dflex & Richy  @DROFFICIAL101. We pray we’ill all meet at great places. 

DR.5 DR..3


DR..00 DR..SIX

Interview by Tokunbo Adebesin. Tkbesh!, photography by @DROFFICIAL101 Instagram 

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