Tkbesh! Celebrity Interview: Multiple Award Winning On-Air Personality Oluwaseun Ogundairo (Real Skillz)

The young and talented voice behind the “RealSkillz” of University of Lagos FM Radio! That sexy and baritone voice that have kept you entertained! Tkbesh! has all access into the studio and can not wait to share it all with you!

Tkbesh! You are a well known On Air Personality. Let’s get to know your background please. 

 Real Skillz: I am from a family of four and the only son. My dad’s a lecturer and mum a teacher.

Tkbesh! Tell us about your journey please. How and when you got on to Radio. Any support or disapproval by family members. 

Real Skillz: Radio for me started way back in high school. I fell in love with radio listening to veteran Kamal Salau on the popular “Cruise Control Show’’ and I used to make my own demos on my mobile phone after every show. Back then, my uncle used to work at Raypower where I spent most of my after-school hours. Mum could not understand my obsession with radio. I used to spend hours sitting live in the studio extension watching the presenters do their thing, especially Kenny Ogungbe and Dayo Adeneye popularly known as D1 during Primetime Africa. I joined Unilag FM in my second year at the University of Lagos where my coordinator, Mrs Bisi King Paul fell in love with my voice and first recognized my passion for radio and it’s been growth from then till present. My family has shown nothing but love for me and I will always love them back for their loyalty and support!

Tkbesh! An OAP, Compere, Voice-over artiste, Artiste Manager, Poet, Rapper and a Young Philanthropist. We have to say that is some multitasking, which you are rather excelling at in all ways. Question one might ask is how do you balance these roles and make time for other things?

Real Skillz: It’s simply God and focus. God has a way of making things fall into places and let’s just say that my dreams are all kind of intertwined. Radio is my passion; voice overs came with something about my voice; artiste management because I have been in the showbiz industry for quite a while; Rap and Poetry being my first love. Generally touching lives and giving back has been my legacy. I desire so much to give back out of whatever God has blessed me with. It can be hectic, but when each time that you relent, what you get is a feeling of emptiness, then the desire for fulfillment will keep you going if you let it.

IMG_0836 IMG_0837

Tkbesh! Currently, “Morning Train ” is making waves on air and you have got fans calling in, can you tell us more about that, and when can we all tune in to enjoy it?

Real Skillz: My Morning Train show is on Wednesdays (5-10 am), it is called the Feel Alright Wednesday edition of the Morning Train shows and it is the most complex out of all the shows that I have got running through the week, simply because of its vast segments which encompasses information and entertainment. But all in all, it is a show that anyone would get entertained by listening to while getting a whole lot of valued information. You may call in while the show airs and join in on the fun.

Tkbesh! For those who admire what you do and have aspirations to follow in a similar path, how fulfilling is your career as a Radio personality?.

Real Skillz: It is very fulfilling and highly rewarding. Although it is not the sort of thing for all, I encourage anyone with the fire and aspiration to give it their best and see where that takes them!

Tkbesh! You seemed quite young and awfully handsome; we couldn’t help but ask this question. We know that most people either shy away or simply not tell the truth about it. How old are you? 

Real Skillz: Your question makes me laugh but let’s just say that I am n my mid twenties.

Tkbesh! Wow! Considering your age, you are not doing badly at all! Tell us please, does any special lady yet holds the key to your heart or you are pretty much single and available? Our fans would love to know! 

 Real Skillz: Right now, I am primarily focused on my career. There used to be a girl that I could have given everything up for just to see her smile, but religion got in the way and broke us up because her father wouldn’t approve of me unless I was a strict Muslim. The problem is, I believe more in God than in any given religion. I believe religion is the world’s biggest problem. It is the primary cause of the first and Second World War. I only hope it doesn’t lead to the third. Beautiful as any given religion can be, fanaticism and extremism have been the order of the day in many cases. 

IMG_0833 IMG_0835

Tkbesh! Are you a romantic kind of guy and just how romantic? 

Real Skillz: Let’s leave that to the ladies imagination but I consider myself a romantic kind. (Laughs) Hello there to all the lovely girls out there especially those that like me!

Tkbesh! That leads us to our next question. What is your ideal marriage proposal?

 Real Skillz: I don’t believe in the ‘ideal’ mindset. My marriage proposal just has to be eternally memorable and crazy good! Say for an example, proposing while sky-diving with your fiance from hundreds of feet above the ground during a vacation getaway. Something like that appeals to me. (Smiles)

Tkbesh! Going back to what you do; what is your normal working days like?

Real Skillz: It’s very hectic most of the time, but enjoyable.

Tkbesh! In November, 2014 you were appointed as The Voice of Queen Nigeria Pageant. We understand that it’s a topmost pageant in Nigeria which genuinely focuses on celebrating the true beauty and essence of the Nigerian woman. Again your unique talent and baritone kind of voice on radio was ranked as one of the best voices on Radio on the African continent. Tell us, how do you feel about all those recognition?

Real Skillz: I feel grateful to God because I believe it’s all in His plans.

Tkbesh! It’s not surprising to us anymore that the recognition of your talent and pedigree has continued to catch external attention. Miss Exclusive Nigeria (MEN) recently announced you as its first ambassador of The Young Seeds Development Project (YSDP); tell us about that please. 

Real Skillz: My dogma hasn’t always been just to exist but persisting, succeeding and giving back. So I grab every opportunity to do just that. I have been working with different charity NGOs for years and I manage one myself called, Purpose Foundation. The letter from MEN stated that after careful observation and deliberation they believed they had made the right choice. YSDP is a post-contest project of the Miss Exclusive Nigeria (MEN) pageant which aims to educate and empower 100 teenagers yearly, through the provision of secondary to university level scholarships.

Tkbesh! That is great to know! We must all learn to make a difference, no matter how small at a time. We have rather a personal question for you; any favourite spot and what is special about it? 

Real Skillz: Ember Creek Water Course. It has an outdoor setting with an amazing view of the Lagos Lagoon while you are sitting over drinks with friends after work.

Tkbesh! What puts you off?

Real Skillz: Dishonesty and being phony!

Tkbesh! What inspires you?

Real Skillz: God.

Tkbesh! Everyone wants to be successful in life but its definition isn’t the same with everyone. How would you define yours? What is success to you?

Real Skillz: Success for me is when you are well recognized and rewarded for your excellence at what you do. Success is also incomplete for me if people around me are not affected positively by it, hence success has to be fulfilling.


 Tkbesh! Any special compliment you wish to give out? 

Real Skillz: I would like to say a big thank you to all the people from way back that never believed in me but are now fans, their unbelief kept me going. I would love to say huge God-bless to the people that genuinely believed and supported my brand from day one and over the years. To my fans, I love and appreciate them so much! Keep on supporting and believing for greater things to come. I’d love to thank the entire Tkbesh! International Magazine team for your dedication to uncompromisingly and unsentimentally celebrating deserving people and their successes everyday! God bless!


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