Tkbesh! Interview With Young Entrepreneur – Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye Of and has an entrepreneurial spirit and proven results. We all have a lot to learn from him and he will be sharing some things with us in this interview.



 Tkbesh! First of all thanks a lot for accepting my interview proposalPlease tell us a little bit about your background and what you do?

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:

Thanks for the privilege , am Olasunkanmi Ayomide Fakeye from Yewa/Egbado North (Ilaro), Ogun State, Nigeria. From a polygamous family, had my Primary and Secondary education in Ifo, Ogun State and ND in Food Science Tech. at Moshood Abiola Polytechnic (MAPOLY, Ojere, Abeokuta) now in Jaroy ICT Institutes pursuing my MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer) Certification as a Professional Web Designer, Developer and Administrator.
Am a web designer/developer, Digital/Social Media Marketer, Blogger and Information Marketer. Founder of Foskaay Enterprises (CAC approved since 2012) into using ICT to solve problems, create solutions and open up business/individuals to opportunity ICT offers them especially via the internet. Thus, I help business/individual advertise online, increase social media followership like twitter, Instagram etc. and design websites for different use.

Tkbesh! Why did you setup

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:
It’s been an idea deposited in my heart by God when I dropped out of school during my HND course (FST). I did not know anything about food science and only accepted it after failed attempts for admission into FPI (Federal Polytechnic Ilaro) and also not been selected for my choice courses (Elect/Elect & SLT). With personal enchanter of colleagues and some other people I discovered that most student in Nigerian Institutions study courses either because it seems to be hot-0n-demand, common, in vogue, inherited etc. without in-depthknowledge of what the course offers, options, challenges and its opportunities and align it with their passion and divine gifts/talents. Thus, I left the field to pursue my passion which is in ICT.

In 2014, I was with my prayer partner (Dr. Kunle Owoseye) during the 100days fast in our church (RCCG) in his apartment in Abeokuta, ogun state when he asked me how platforms like Jobberman etc. makes money online because he was a course mate with the 3 founders of the platform while in Medical school. I opened up the secrets and he was amazed and asked if there is anything we can also launch to help solve problem(s) in Nigeria and Africa that can boom to be business in future. We brainstormed for a while with another medical doctor friend of his (Dr. Runsewe) and that same night, we concluded on working on the idea to help young people make informed career decision right from course of study selection stage basically drawn from my personal experience.

CareerPingger was eventually created in partnership with Dr. Kunle Owoseye (he culled the name) and launched officially on 2nd February 2014 after over two weeks of deliberating, praying and asking people questions on the right catchy name for such idea and platform. So, CareerPingger is a platform to help parents and individual make informed career decisions starting from choosing the right course of study where they will find fulfillment. We later integrated blog section because am a blogger and understands that, to run an active online platform, it is essential to integrate blog section where current news relating to the platform will be updated thereby drawing people more to use the platform. It has indeed been helpful.


Tkbesh! What was involved in setting up your website?

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:

It could be categorized into 4:
♦ Idea, Problem discovery stage
♦ Research Stage and Structuring the result to be of use
♦ Technical (The design, development and administration)
♦ Financing (Hosting, Domain, Adverts/Publicity and Maintenance)
We did minimize our financial expenses at setup on designs because I handled all about the designand development from scratch even till now including the over 250 courses updated with 190+ articles but spend much on power supply and internet connections. My partner handles the finance and research (logistics) in getting Mentors for users, Professionals in the different field etc. Presently, I shoulder almost everything now because he was employed as a Medical Doctor outside Nigeria. He now finance and co-make decision to be executed by me in Nigeria.

 Tkbesh! How did you market
website when you first started and how do you promote it now?

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:

We have almost no cash left to invest at our launching after our initial expenses and could only do reviews on my personal blog , place an advert of Nairaland and created an accountas member, BergNaija, Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, announced it in our church and also featured it in our Area monthly magazine for our church. We also told friends on social media and offline.
Presently the platform is undergoing redesign process to meet the next stage goal of upgrading from 250+ courses to having over 500+ courses, scholarship, admission updates and lot more to help more people in career decision making and also include some African Nations apart from Nigeria because our goal is AFRICA not just Nigeria.
We are preparing to spend huge amount on adverts to reach out to our audience both online and offline and thus we are in need of sponsors/advertisers and also open up advertisement on the platform to generate income for the adverts. Adverts platforms on our list includes established Education/Career based portals in Africa, Facebook, Twitter, BroadedNet, NairaLand, Ogbonge, LindaIkeji and so on.
For details on our next adverts plans which also involves visiting schools offline to enlighten students at secondary and tertiary level and also organized parent based meeting like PTA to also inform parent and guidance how the platform will help them even if they are not scholars to make helpful career decisions for and with their children. Please check for details of our Goals.


 Tkbesh! What advice would you give to somebody thinking of starting a course?

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:

At CareerPingger, we advise users to first consider factors like their passion, gifts/talents, strength, weakness and opportunity provided in Nigeria economy and Africa. When you have two or more courses drawn from the above, then you can visit to search,read through and get enlightened what the courses entails.
Then you can proceed to other steps like getting Jamb, Direct entry, changing course as undergraduate or chose the suitable sub-course to specialize as a postgraduate e.g Accountancy leads to Taxation, Auditing etc. specialized professionand knowing what they entails helps a lot to chose the right specialization.

Tkbesh! What are your future plans for

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:
We believe that you are on this page to share on our goals and possibly invest to make a better Africa via Career Development from the grassroots to Professionals and together we can create a brighter future for Africa. Our Goals are staged and to keep things within reach we only publish the next stage we are and unveil future plans as at when due.

Is to become the number one Course/Career directory platform in Nigeria and Africa where parents/guardians/teachers and student lookup to be empowered to make informed decision on course of study and career path.
In the process we will build up media professionals from higher institutions across Africa via CareerPingger Reporters Team and support them as part-time job.
1. To be in every home and schools where decisions of career is being made.
2. To give up-to-date information on courses/career decision.
3. To bring career options to life, with practical MODELS in their walks of life.

We will help the young generation access free reliable information on career courses before they make decision and reduce level of course choice mistakes in our society.

Tkbesh! What’s the link between and

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:
Much has been said about CareerPingger above and I think little should be know about InformationVillatoo. Born out of passion to give invogue information in divers areas of life with vision to create jobs for youths by employing them to handle different Villa of the platform to publish, develop their potentials and get paid for their passion (possibly become major income source for some). InformationVilla is my own personal blog not affiliated with anyone and has been in existence for over 3 years which started with the name . I still blog there ones a while. It is the foundation for every other platforms like CareerPingger have built on the internet by Gods grace.


Tkbesh! Anything else we need to know or you wish to tell our readers?

Olasunkanmi A. Fakeye:
I will like to encourage readers of this interview to help use and propagatethe platform ,advertise, and sponsor it if they can or recommend us to organizations/individuals that can help make this dream of ours a reality. So that we can help the young upcoming generations of Africa build a strong Educational based foundation that will positively influence their career and finally upgrading standard of living and economy of African Nations.
We at CareerPingger appreciate TKBesh Magazine Team, We love Africa, proud to be one and especiallyas Nigerians.

My encouragement to readers comes from my personal quote that says:

As a young entrepreneur, I value relationship. You can connect with me personally via:
FB: Olasunkanmi Fakeye
Twitter: and @CareerPingger
Websites: and
BBM: 2325D5OE

Thanks for been part of our success, God Bless!




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