Report: illegally dumped rubbish have rocketed In Manchester: HELP KEEP MANCHESTER CLEAN!

So why the pitiful prosecution rate on illegally dumped rubbish?

“Hardly any fly-tippers in Manchester are brought to justice”

• Manchester council spent more than £28,000 investigating reports of fly-tipping and another £6,700 prosecuting people. However, they only recouped just £4,554 in fines.

• The money is spent on officer time, looking through bags of waste to find evidence, contacting the DVLA to locate vehicle owners and preparing a prosecution file.

• Failure to punish fly-tippers means more people are dumping household and commercial waste, say campaigners.

• Helen Bingham, of Keep Britain Tidy, said: “The lack of prosecution is part of the problem. But people need to be educated to get them to understand why they shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Ultimately it’s the tax payer who has to pay for it to be cleared away.”

• Most people in Manchester dump rubbish on roads with more than half dumped on the city’s streets. The authorities recorded nine incidents of people dumping clinical waste.

• Avoid getting caught out by the cowboys

• Think of The effect on people living nearby

• Beware of bogus waste disposal firms




Fly-tipping blackspots

(based on readers’ reports, councillors and court cases)

Manchester Opal Street and Hume Street, Levenshulme; Northern Quarter; Cheetham Hill

Stockport Beechfield Street; Poleacre Lane, Woodley

Tameside Gardenfold Way, Droylsden; River Tame; Railway line through Ashton

Oldham Chief Street; Limeside Road

Salford Elton Street; Cottenham Lane; River Irwell

Rochdale Back o’th’ Moss; River Roch, Heywood; Robinson Commons, Kingsway; Belfield Old Road; Land close to the old tip on Peel Lane; Ashworth Road.

Bolton Back Wigan Road, Deane; Woodfield Street, Great Lever

Bury Milltown Street


Know of any other fly-tipping blackspots? Send your pictures to





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