Royal Interview: HRM Oba Muraina Adebanjo Adedini Of Isoya Kingdom Ile-Ife



There are many stories of commoners who became royalties but this case is not one of them. He was a humble prince before he ascended the throne. He wasn’t only a prince but a business man who ran a dignified restaurant business. He was the CEO of Royal African Cuisine. Once a popular African Restaurant on Stockport Road, Levenshulme in Manchester, UK before ascending the throne as the Asoya of Ile Isoya in Ife, Osun State in Nigeria. He was known to many simply as “Prince”. Only those that are close to him knew that they are dealing with a future king. He is most humble and generous with virtually everything!
Tkbesh! sat down with his royal majesty and asked him the following Questions.

Tkbesh! Kabiyesi o! Ade ao pe l’ori, bata ao pe l’ese and irukere ao pe l’owo yin o! ( Royal greeting/protocol)

HRM Oba Adedini: Amin, ase!

Tkbesh! Can we please have the pleasure of meeting you Kabiyesi?

HRM Oba Adedini: I am Oba Muraina Adebanjo Adedini Asoya of Isoya in Ile ife kingdom.

Tkbesh! Did you mean; HRM Oba Muraina Adebanjo, The Asoya Of Isoya in Ile Ife kingdom?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: You could very well say that Tokunbo and thank you.

Tkbesh! If history served correctly, you were a business man and a restaurateur before you ascended the throne. Do you still consider yourself, a business man?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: Yes, once a business man is always a business man. Although, I am much more than a business man now that I am also a community leader. Every business man wants to be the boss in his business dealings and being the boss over your employees can often create disharmony, reluctance and internal fighting which can make reaching a business goal difficult whereas being a King makes you a community leader. Other than having different roles to play, the need to understand them can not be overemphasized in order to maintain peace and growth within the community. As a business man, the task is much easier but not so with a community leader because of the level of involvement being a community leader requires. It is my duty as a leader to inspire and lead with admirable examples so my community can foster. A business boss can demand for respect but a leader has to garner it through a lot.

Tkbesh! How was the transition for you?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: Due to my personal general life experience, I have always seen myself as a leader. I remember when I was living in London and way back in Nigeria, many people do come to me for different things ranging from advice, conflict resolving and what have you. Some had asked that I become their life coach and confidante. Let us not forget that God and God alone chooses a leader. There are a lot of people that relocated from London to Manchester simply because of great friendship we enjoyed. I would say the transition has been rather a smooth one.

Tkbesh! What business brings you to Manchester at the moment your royal majesty?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: I am here on a family visit to see my children, grandchildren, old friends and colleagues.

Tkbesh! What is success to you, your royal majesty?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: Success to me is something you have to trace back to almighty God the creator of everything. Apparently hard work pays off but ultimately God has to crown your efforts. Far as I know, success is something I believe you have to ask God for. It is not something that should give anyone a sleepless night, it is not about acquiring material things but what you leave behind as a legacy.

Tkbesh! Anything you would like to say to the Osun State indigenes in diaspora, people of Asoya in particular?

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: It is Isoya, not Asoya Tokunbo. ( Laughs ) Isoya means a place of abode where people kept their children and wives during the crisis between Modakeke and Ife back then in the 18th century. During the war back then, Isoya was a safe haven for all. The word “S’oya” means look after the wife. You could say that it is the alternative home of the Ifes. Majority of the people in Yoruba land one way or the other connect with Isoya. My message is to remind them not to forget the sons and daughters of whom they are! They need to connect back home and let their children know their roots. No one needs to wait until they need something back before they visit and risk looking like a stranger in their land of origin. Relate with your people and be conversant with the grass root people. Home is sweet home.

Tkbesh! Thank you, your HRM! We find you very humble and lovable! Tkbesh! appreciates your time for this interview and hope that you will enjoy your stay Kabiyesi.

HRM OBA ADEDINNI: Thank you, the pleasure is mine.




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