Tkbesh! Chats with Katie Henry : “Thank God that he made you just the way you are”- Katie Henry

Katie Henry seeks no favours from anyone. she is one tough, committed person to whom, many may say God delivered a cruel blow at, from a young age. However it is not so for the adorable 9year old Katie, she has spent most of her life so far making sure that others she meets around the world can benefit from her misfortune. Tkbesh! chats with Katie Henry and We are left inspired and so will the rest of the world and everyone reading this interview. Meet Katie Henry!   20140626-091803-pm-76683692.jpg InspiredWord4

“I love who I am. I was raised no different from anyone else. I just have to work harder at the things I want”

Tkbesh! Hello Katie, I have to say you are such an adorable cute, focus and full of energy. Looking at your photos, you are always wearing a beautiful smile. Once again welcome to this interview.

K.H: Thank you so much. My family has always taught me to never give up.

Tkbesh!  I read one of your comments sometime back, where you said your birth mother did drug… You are born to be different and unique: Please share your story with us. 

K.H: My birth mother was from Africa her village raised money for her to go to medical school in the States. She got on cocaine and heroin, got pregnant with me. When I was born the drug deformed my legs from the knees down. I was taken away from her by the state. My adoptive mom saw me her and 11 sisters adopted me. image 20140626-091803-pm-76683582.jpg 20140626-091803-pm-76683799.jpg 20140626-091803-pm-76683854.jpg


Tkbesh! Have you ever wished you were different from the Katie you are right now. If yes or no tell us why?

K.HNo, I love who I am. I was raised no different from anyone else. I just have to work harder at the things I want.

 Tkbesh! When and why did you get involved with cheerleading?

K.H: I was 4 All my older sisters did cheer and gymnastics.

Tkbesh! I have followed you for some time now on Instagram; I don’t see a disabled girl. I see a brilliant, adorable and promising 9 years old; Katie I am inspired! Tell us, do you ever meet people who feel sorry for you than be inspired?

K.H:  Yes sometimes but when they get to know me they don’t feel as sorry for me.

Tkbesh! Do you have any advice to offer disabled people or the people around them?

K.HYes!! Winners never quit Quitters never win. Just never give up and try your hardest everyday. Thank God that he made you just the way you are.

Tkbesh! Katie thanks so much for your time in attending to this interview. Hopefully we’ll get to meet you someday.

K.HYou are so welcome! I would love to meet you anytime!!





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