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Kehinde Olasupo popularly known as KennyKeyz can simply be described as a music prodigy.KennyKeyz is a native of Osun State,he started his music career in the church like most successful musician and later moved into the mainstream music industry. KennyKeyz has worked with many Artistes home and abroad, such as, Asa, Mike Aremu,Yinka Davines,Charliy Boy,9ice,Jedi Comedian,Just to mention a few. Kennykeyz did his first single with world known saxophonist Mike Aremu (ojumore ni) and now KennyKeyz is coming out with a New song called IYAWO. The song will be heating the market very soon, his passion for music coupled with his raw and seasoned talent saw him through a professional music career. The true African symphony can best be described as AFRO SOUL ARTIST. He speaks to Tkbesh! One on One about his career.




Tkbesh! So tell us what IYAWO Is all about and when are you dropping the new single IYAWO?…

KK: Iyawo is a wedding song, meaning a ‘wife’ , it was released last month. Though we are still on its promotion. We are currently working on the video to be out soon.

Tkbesh! KennyKeyz, having worked with so many artistes Home and abroad like, Asa, Mike Aremu, Yinka Davies, Charlie Boy, 9ice, Jedi Comedian, just to mention a few. How was the working experience?

KK: It has been a great experience for me, working with these artistes. It has been especially inspiring and I really love working with them. I can’t afford not to love my job Tkbesh!

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Tkbesh! What’s your relationship with 9ice?

KK:  9ice! He is a brother from another mother to me. I can not talk about 9ice,without mentioning his producer ID CABASA who is my good friend too. I love both of them right from the on set. We are good brothers and colleagues. I have enjoyed working with them some years back in Nigeria and I am still looking forward to work with both soon.


Tkbesh!  Is KennyKeyz production a label or a recording company?

KK:Thank you for asking Tkbesh! I have had that question asked many times. KennyKeyz production is a recording company.


Tkbesh! How did you come up with the name “KennyKeyz”

KK: Kenny evolved from my real name Kehinde. Kenny is the English version. I played piano for so many artistes, putting them together most artistes started calling me kennykeyz (Laughing)

Tkbesh! Can an artiste do it alone these days by leveraging YouTube, Myspace, ReverbNation, etc.

KK: Not exactly, but of course there have been many internet success stories of artistes making it big after a label or producer hears their music online. On the other hand no artiste can do it exactly alone depending solely on social network platform without proper promotion which of course takes a lot of capital. However with the help of people like media sources such as Tkbesh! We shall get there some day. Most aspiring artistes out there really need all it takes for promotion.

Tkbesh! How has social networking benefited your business?

KK: Social networking is a great way to get thousands of new fans that you might not get otherwise. It has been a great benefit.

Tkbesh! It has been nice talking to you KennyKeyz.

KK: It’s my pleasure.

Enjoy a taster from ‘IYAWO by



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