Interview With Chief Olusegun Bamgbade: “I have a course for human development particularly on good housing at affordable rates “




Do you realize that when a tenant offends the landlord, the tenant gets a quit notice?. Also, where the landlord is at fault, the tenant is still the one to pack out. With the landlord, the tenant is the ultimate loser. At Tkbesh! We represent winners and we want losers’ status to change too by welcoming you to H.O.B Housing Estates in Akure,Nigeria. Chief Olusegun Bamgbade is the Chairman of HOB Housing Estates. In this interview he speaks to Tkbesh! about fulfilling the mandate of Creating Homes for all.

 “Where there is help to buy, there will be excess fund in the pockets of the allottees to do other things. Their children’s education will not suffer because they needed a roof over their heads” 

hob gate

Tkbesh! In your voice “Laborare est horare: He that does not work must not rest. There is no substitute for hard work…” What attracted you to Property Development?

HOB:That statement is credited to my lecturer at the M.Sc. Class, University of Lagos – Professor Adebayo Ninolowo. He is a no-nonsense man. He believes in hard work, punctuality and steadfastness. On a large-scale, that has been the bedrock of my life even before I knew him. Seeing him as someone with my kind of lifestyle, I cherish his ideals and I propagate it. On Property Development, I was divinely led into the venture many years ago.

I had a dream where I was giving out houses to people with joy. The joy was so palpable that everyone around was happy. It has been my nature to make people happy even at my detriments sometimes, so I felt a high sense of moral and divine accomplishments venturing into real estate business. I am happy with the business and I am very happy with myself. If you are happy with yourself especially on your chosen career, you’ll go very far in life.

Chief Olusegun Bamgbade is the Chairman of HOB Housing Estates.

Chief Olusegun Bamgbade is the Chairman of HOB Housing Estates.

Tkbesh! What do you enjoy most about your role with HOB Estates?

HOB: My role with H.O.B. Housing Estates has been a pleasant one. I enjoy every aspect of it including the challenges. Of course, a business of this size will naturally attract a great fortune coupled with some challenges. As a man determined for success, I enjoy every bit of my life and role with H.O.B. Housing Estates.

Tkbesh! Any crowning achievements in your career that you are particularly proud of and why?

HOB: Interesting! H.O.B. Housing Estate, Akure is the first success story of the Federal Government of Nigeria on PPP ie Private Partnership Program. Secondly, we were able to build more than 100 houses in less than 90 days in the year 2007.
We got funded in March 2007, and the first phase of the project (consisting over a hundred houses) was commissioned by the former President, His Excellency Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR on the 24th of May 2007.
I’m highly excited at this feat because I did not let the President down. It was his personal intervention that led to the disbursement of my fund and I promised that he was going to commission the Estate before he handed over power on the 29th of May 2007. To the chagrin of many doubting thomasses, it was rightly commissioned by the former President Olusegun Obasanjo GCFR accordingly. That speaks volume of my dedication, steadfastness and commitment to the course of work and my integrity.

Tkbesh! Do you think Help to buy is going to get the market moving?

HOB: Help to buy will get the market moving because the society is so impoverished that assistance in any kind will in a large extent help the citizens in acquiring decent homes for their respective families. Where there is help to buy, there will be excess fund in the pockets of the allottees to do other things. Their children’s education will not suffer because they needed a roof over their heads. Other family demands will not be negatively affected while enjoying a good and decent home in H.O.B. Estate. This practice is obtainable in most of the advanced countries. Here in Nigeria, the market gets moving with such an assistance.



Tkbesh! Why the passion for bungalows?

HOB: I have a course for human development particularly on good housing at affordable rates. It is wise to build decent and affordable houses for the populace than skyscrapers that will definitely be beyond the reach of the average person where there is a comparative advantage on large expanse of land.

Tkbesh! What are the advantages to owning a property at HOB Estate? And are there any disadvantages?

HOB: There are so many advantages in owning properties at H.O.B. Housing Estates. Amongst the several advantages are comfortable payment terms where you pay just 20% of the cost and balance up in 25years while enjoying the full occupation and ownership of the building so allocated to you.
The rooms are big. The individual building plot is massive and can adequately accommodate up to 15 to 18 cars packed conveniently within a plot.
There is room for future development of a BQ if you so desire. There is security advantage being the next door neighbour to the headquarters of the Ondo State Police Command. It is beside the Federal Secretariat in Akure. All the Federal Government Agencies including the CBN ie Central Bank of Nigeria, Customs, Immigrations, National Population Commission, etc are converged around the Estate. It is in the GRA ie Government Reserved Area. The State Government House as well as the State Governor’s Office are just two minutes drive from the Estate. Whosoever owns a property in H.O.B. Housing Estate, Akure has a lot to profit from.
On the issue of any disadvantage, I can’t see or foresee any. However, if it comes, we’ll adequately address it but I can’t see any disadvantage for now.




Tkbesh! What do prospective buyers need to know when purchasing your type of property?

HOB: The prospective buyers need to know that a house purchased at H.O.B. Housing Estates is secured and free from land grabbers. It is a partnership between the Federal Government of Nigeria and H.O.B. There is everlasting surety on ownership. No one can wake up with a court order to seize your land or house from you as obtainable in other areas where there is an unending dispute on land ownership.

Tkbesh! In your definition, what is success?

HOB: Success is achieving a perceived satisfactory level in life. Success has to do wit your perception on any particular issue. Some are rich but cannot be referred to as being successful because the sources of their wealth is questionable. Success in life is a state of joyful accomplishment of creditable and noteworthy achievements. Success goes with happiness. You are happy when you are successful. Success is mine in all my endeavours in Jesus name. Amen.
I choose to be successful because I want to remain happy all through my life and beyond. May God see me through in Jesus name. It’s a great thing to be successful.

Tkbesh! Lastly, what has been your inspiration?

HOB:  My inspiration is to see a true social-welfarist state in Nigeria. Where no one is unnecessarily oppressing another because he has more than him. My inspiration is to genuinely become the richest man in the world to assist the masses on the areas of government’s neglect. For instance, at my own level, I provide street lights to about five streets in a particular community in Lagos without any recourse to the government. I spend N18,000.00 everyday on diesel to power the generators. I have two standby generators specifically to power the street lights. This takes about N540,000.00 from my pocket every month and that is a whooping N6,480,000.00 every year. I have been doing this for more than seven years without any hitch. I’ve also assisted in grading many streets in the same neighbourhood for the benefits of the residents. School fees have been paid for so many students just to ease economic burdens from their respective parents. My zeal to help the less privileged has been my source of inspiration.

Tkbesh!  Now you leave me speechless!  I say Amen! To all your prayers HOB. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have this interview.

HOB:  You are welcome my dear. The Lord will favour you in all ways. He will bless you. His light will for ever shine on you. Beginning from today, enjoy the glory of the Lord in all ramifications. 




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