Interview With Restaurateur Abimbola Sonde of Crystal Lounge Manchester: It’s Not Just About Food.




As the restaurateur behind Crystal lounge restaurant and bar Manchester UK, Abimbola certainly knows a thing or two about getting a restaurant off the ground. Diners and colleagues alike continue to appreciate her comforting and straightforward cooking with a touch of glamour and trendiness. However it’s not just about food. Here, she speaks to Tkbesh!

Abimbola Sonde; CEO Crystal Lounge restaurant and bar

Abimbola Sonde; CEO
Crystal Lounge restaurant and bar


Tkbesh! So Crystal Lounge Manchester, could you tell us where this is located for our readers?

CL: Crystal Lounge Manchester is located in the heart of Salford. 233 Eccles new road. Salford. Manchester. M5 4QG

Tkbesh! Tell us more about your services at Crystal Lounge.

CL: Crystal Lounge is a stylish contemporary restaurant serving a modern Nigerian food with cutting edge dishes that taste as good as they look. We offer authentic Nigerian dishes in a relaxed and cool setting. We also organise weekend entertainments in collaboration with Manchester’s finest DJs and reputable highlife singers to entertain our customers.

Tkbesh! What makes Crystal Lounge different from other restaurants?

CL: The sublime presentation and mouth watery aromas make it impossible for our customers to stay away. Our prices are designed to appeal to diners looking for a regular eating haunt. As said earlier we also organise weekend entertainments in collaboration with Manchester’s finest DJs and reputable high live singers to entertain our customers.

Tkbesh! Why did you decide to pursue a career in the restaurant business?

CL: I decided to pursue a career in the restaurant business due to my love for cooking different varieties of good food, and to inspire others who have flair for cooking, that anybody can be what they want to be in life through their passion with determination, perseverance, focus, consistency, patience and hard work.



Tkbesh! Do you have any previous experience in your present line of business?

CL: Yes. I was previously running Absgoldie Multiservice Ltd which involves Cleaning, Laundry and Catering services, that earned me a great deal of experience. I did get many positive feedbacks from my clients, many of whom advised me on opening an African Restaurant in Salford. As there was none with African packages of food menu.

Tkbesh! What exactly do you do? Do you just manage or…?

CL: I am multi-tasking. I do everything, from my position as a director to the managerial duties even though I have a manager. I know mistakes are inevitable but I am the type that would not give any room for errors. I also do some of the cooking as you already know, cooking is my passion.

ABITI abili

Tkbesh! At Tkbesh! We believe in making a difference, which brings up the next question. What community projects are you working on now?

CL: Thank you for asking Tkbesh! Crystal Lounge has a Charity (NGO) called Crystal Lounge Foundation. CLF is the community project which is run on a weekly basis at the Pendleton Library every Friday for 2 hours. The project is fully self-funded from its commencement. Our mission is to give hope to the hopeless through diverse means of donations of gift items, food and clothing. We are also committed to assisting the less privileged persons to live a better and well fulfilled life by showing them love, care and giving them a true sense of belonging in other to achieve their heart desires. We have a Facebook page; please take a minute to visit, find out more and like us

Tkbesh! That is really nice to know, keep up the good work. Here is something that comes to mind; does Crystal Lounge Foundation do any volunteer scheme?

CL: We do Tkbesh! We have apprenticeship and volunteer scheme. The MP of Salford Hazel Blears has In fact written to me to show support of the good and great works Crystal Lounge Foundation is doing in Salford and has promised to help CLF pursue the necessary funding and council support we may need. Anyone willing to support our weekly project can do so too. In fact at the moment we have been able to accept 3 homeless people as an Apprentice at Crystal Lounge and also provided accommodation for 2 of our rough sleepers.

Tkbesh! Any crowning achievements in your business you are particularly proud of and why? 

CL:  So far I can only give all the glory to God. With the number of positive reviews and feedbacks we receive daily, it is enormous. I am more than proud of Crystal Lounge as a whole, I am fulfilled. Recently, I got selected for a recognition award as one of the top 100 Outstanding Nigerians that are currently living or who have lived in the United Kingdom over the past 100 years for the Nigerian Centenary Awards (NCA UK 2014). This is an achievement on its own and I am so honoured to have been selected for the award. I am using this medium to say a big thank you to those that believed in me and have nominated me for this laudable award. God bless.

Tkbesh! Thank you Abimbola, it’s been nice talking to you.

CL: Thanks Tkbesh! You are doing a great job.





























  • 33 Eccles new road. Salford.
  • M5 4QG Manchester, United Kingdom
  • 01612226332 / 07947872041

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