“Once you are up, you can only look down on people with the aim of helping them up. Nobody knows tomorrow and the field of play can easily change at anytime without a warning” – Prince Ademile 


Tkbesh! Infinity,welcome to this interview, kindly introduce yourself.

Infinity: My names are, Prince Ademilekan Moshood Akanni Adeyemi. I am the CEO and publisher of The Infinity International Magazines.

Tkbesh! Everyone knows you as the CEO of Infinity International Magazines and I know that, that didn’t happen in a day or even a minimum period of time. How did you start, and how did you get here?

Infinity: The whole idea was inspired by my creator who gave me the enablement, the right people and the key vision. Hard work, truthfulness,dedication, patience and commitment got me here today! I thank God for it all and all the people who supported during my start! You know who you are and God bless you!

Tkbesh! We see Infinity Show Biz, Infinity Fashion and Infinity International Magazines.Are these all affiliated to one another and how do you manage them all?

Infinity: Yes my dear sister. It ain’t easy at all! Matter of fact, it was like walking on a tight rope, but with good managerial abilities and
good working relationship that has existed even up till now has helped me to a great deal. My family has been very supportive, very inspiring and understanding. I get the inspiration through many avenues and with God on my side, things fall in place.

Tkbesh! We had people send in questions on what they want to know about you and the followings came in. Are you married? Are you a Moslem or Christian? Do you like sports and which kind? Any particular favorite team?

Infinity: Really? You had people send those in? ( Smiling ) First of all, I am a good Christian that’s very fond of Islamic religion as well. I have a lot of moslem friends and I happen to believe it to be a good religion. Only fanatics have taken things out of context. I was veryathletic growing up and I am still. I am a table tennis player and I have passion for football.Manchester United is my favorite soccer team and yes, I am married with wonderful children.

Tkbesh! Media business is a very delicate one. One that, one need to be very careful about. Your life is basically a show to many. Everything you do, from the clothes you wear, the foods you eat and where you hang out, all becomes a deal. How do you go about this without letting it change you?

Infinity: You are very right about that Toks and an ordinary person would have difficulties dealing with fame and success. I find it extremely easy, because I am me. I don’t let fame or success change me. I am very humble and treat people with a lot of respect and courtesy. One need to remember that, once you are up, you can only look down on people with the aim of helping them up. Nobody knows tomorrow and the field of play can easily change at anytime without a warning. I think the biggest thing is, I am Ademilekan and not someone else. I am me, and that makes all the difference.


Tkbesh! What does success mean to you?

Infinity: Success comes in a lot of ways and means variable things to different people.To some people, it may be simpleas achieving their
goals and making profit. To some, success is triumphing over their enemies, but for me, my success has to come from within. When my family is happy, people around me are comfortable, I am able to impact life of others positively and help others up through me. Success to me is ability to cater for the immediate and future need of my family. To be called upon in a society as a son, father, friend and a community person. My success is my legacy. What I am now, how I live and a better place I will be leaving the world when I am not around anymore.

Tkbesh! That is very deep Prince Ade.

Infinity: Thank you. ( Smiles ) 

Tkbesh! Going back to what you said to me sometime ago, you said people will look at me all over in this line of work. How do you handle the general public? How do you handle thepeople who want to be friends at all cost and those female admirers? I mean there must to be lots of them. For pete’s sake, you are a good looking man! 

Infinity: You are so in trouble for putting me on the spot like this Toks! I told you earlier, and I am going to tell you again. It all has to do with knowing who you are and what you represent. People come at you with all kinds of proposals and ideas but you have to be wise in choosing your friends and associates, rather than having them choose you. Above all, humility carries the day. And I don’t have a lot of female admirers. I don’t think I am half good looking as you paint me out. ( Laughing )

Tkbesh! (Laughing) Let give that a rest for now. Any shout outs to friends and fans?

Infinity: Of course! The biggest shout out goes to almighty God, my family, friends and allies. My loyal fans, I thank you for your loyalty. Without God and you, it wouldn’t all be possible. Infinity International Magazines, Infinity Show Biz and Infinity Fashion and Styles thank you. I wanna take this opportunity to inform all of our fans to be on the look out for Infinity Global Awards coming up soon.You are the reason we are here and we remain inspired! Thank you Tkbesh! and thank everyone!

Tkbesh! Thank you for the opportunity.

Infinty: The pleasure is all mine, Ire Ni O!

Tokunbo of Tkbesh with Ifinity
Tokunbo of Tkbesh with Ifinity







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