Fadeke Ifebajo’s Surprise Birthday Party: Sweet 16 pictures!


Manchester based teen, Fadeke Ifebajo received a surprise 16th birthday party from her parent & friends over the weekend as they all came out to wish Fadeke a ‘Happy Birthday.

Check out our picks from Fadeke’s fun filled BBQ party below.

From all of us at Tkbesh! Happy Birthday Fadeke!



Fadeke's parent & her siblings

Fadeke’s parent & her siblings

20140615-030537 pm-54337749.jpg


20140615-030538 pm-54338140.jpg

20140615-030537 pm-54337850.jpg

20140615-030537 pm-54337632.jpg


Fadeke & Dad
Fadeke & Dad


20140615-030538 pm-54338381.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338908.jpg

20140615-030537 pm-54337946.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338245.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338620.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338811.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338995.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338514.jpg

20140615-030538 pm-54338719.jpg

20140615-031547 pm-54947913.jpg

20140615-031548 pm-54948199.jpg

20140615-031548 pm-54948114.jpg

20140615-031548 pm-54948010.jpg


20140615-031548 pm-54948389.jpg

20140615-031548 pm-54948488.jpg

20140615-035616 pm-57376330.jpg


20140615-035616 pm-57376484.jpg




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