Royal Interview: An extra-ordinary Monarch. HRM Oba Raufu Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji (Akinrun of Ikirun)

Meeting Oba Raufu Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji the present Akinrun of Ikirun whose coronation ceremony took place on 5th July, 1990 is a privilege and a cherished experience. The conferment of an MFR Award by President Goodluck Jonathan on Oba Rauf Olayiwola Adedeji, the Akinrun of Ikirun, is no longer a surprise to me after meeting HRM, it is indeed an honour well-deserved and merited.

Oba Rauf Olayiwola Olawale is a devout Muslim. In 2002, he performed his pilgrimage to Mecca in fulfilment of his Islamic faith. He is a strong pillar of the Muslim community in Ikirunland and Osun State. He is the grand patron of Ibadu-Rahman Society of Nigeria and the Anwar-Ul-Islam Society, Ibadan. On many occasions, he has spent his wealth for the propagation of Islam, especially through Da’wah and humanitarian activities. Although, there are traditionalists in the town who still perform their religious rites and festivals, the Oba and most of his chiefs have virtually stopped their traditional worships, even in the palace.



Tkbesh!  Kabiyesi, I would like to express some royal protocols before we commence and here it goes;  Ade ape l’ori, bata ape l’ese, irukere ape l’owo! 

HRM: Amin (Amen)

Tkbesh! For the purpose of Nigerians in diaspora especially the people from Osun State and Ikirun indigenes who may never have been to Nigeria before; please introduce yourself.

HRM: I am Oba Rauf Olayiwola Olawale, the Adedeji II. Akirun of Ikirun.

Tkbesh! Kabiyesi, please tell us what you were doing before you ascended the throne.

HRM: I was a banker before I ascended the throne.



Tkbesh! Could you please tell us what the transition was like for you, from a banker to a king?

 HRM:  Well, there are a lot of differences in being a king and a banker. As a banker, my activities and my contacts were limited to mainly business women and men who came to the bank seeking for financial assistance of one kind or the other and of course to my fellow colleagues. Now as a king, my span of coverage has grown wider. The whole community, the administration of the community and the traditional functions that are required of me are quite different from when I was in the bank and a few examples are; in the bank, my responsibilities were limited to financial analysis and proposals from the customers but here I am responsible for settling conflicts, solving community problems, offering solutions, acting as a link between the people and the government and as well as mobilising people for development while the list go on.





Tkbesh! Kabiyesi, going back to when you were a banker, would you say some of your friends if not all, still have access to you as they used to?

HRMThose who were my friends back then are still my friends. Nothing has changed and they all have easy and unhindered access to me.

Tkbesh!  What is success to you?

HRM: Success? That’s an open-ended question. But to answer your question, success is not measured in material things. Success is having self-control over oneself and everything one does. The greatest success is mastering oneself. Like I said earlier, it is an open-ended question and granted more time, the definition of it can be lengthy.


Tkbesh! Any word of advice or anything you would like to say to Ikirun indigenes in diaspora?

HRM: Definitely yes! First, I’d like to commend them for doing us proud and upholding our cultures and traditions abroad. Secondly, I would like to implore them to encourage their children to speak our Yoruba and never to forget our language. They should never forget home or where they come from. East or west, home is the best. Lastly, now that there are transformations going on in our beloved Osun State, Ikirun in particular, they should come home and contribute their own quota. The government is doing it’s best but can not and should not be allowed to do everything. We have to complement the efforts of our government with our contributions, directly or indirectly. “I would say they should come over to Macedonia and help us”

Tkbesh! Thank you Kabiyesi 


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