The Face Behind Isaaco Media; a renown leader of inspirational African Arts Isaac Owolabi!

To merit the word renown takes a lot! By now most have seen his work one time or the other on Facebook, BBM and Instagram. His logo stands out and you couldn’t miss or steal his work even if you tried. This man is talented and his extraordinaire work caught our attention so much that we took it up to find him and the rest is all for you below to read and enjoy and even be inspired…

20140607-065737 pm-68257965.jpg


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Tkbesh! Can we meet you properly ?

Isaaco media : I am Isaac Oluwaremilekun Owolabi

Tkbesh! What else do you do when you are not working and creating all of those beautiful and inspirational posters that’s become a theme on Facebook and inspirational world?

Isaaco media:  Acting! I have always and will always have a passion for acting. I also do Video Editing and Graphics. I model too. You could consider me as an upcoming Actor in Yoruba Movies. I have a movie I am presently shooting titled, “Ole” ( Laziness ) Starring Dejo/Tunji Teriba/Angel Oladimeji/Ronke Oshodi Oke, Yomi Fash and a host of others.

Tkbesh! Inspiration is a divine influence that’s directly and immediately exerted upon mind and soul. What inspired, or who inspired you into doing what you do?

Isaaco media;  I got inspired through my Fine Arts Teachers early in secondary school days in Sagamu Ogun State seeing the beauty in African Arts. If you check out some of my Creative Arts, you will see a touch of African Arts in it. I take a lot of delight in using my creativity to promote African Arts and Yoruba culture to the world.

Tkbesh! Do you get demand for personalised poster from Facebook friends and fans. If so do you charge and how much?

Isaaco media:Yes, I get a lot of demands for personalised posters from Facebook friends and fans and I do charge but my pricing depends on the demands and time frame. I am although, a very considerate and moderate fellow.

Tkbesh! What part of Nigeria are you from?

Isaaco media: I was born and raised in Lagos. I however hail from Abeokuta in Ogun state.

Tkbesh! Where do you see Isaaco media in 5years?

Isaaco media:  I see Isaaco Media as a global media firm and a house hold name! I believe God has taken me there already because I can see everyone already sharing my Creative African Posters and Creative Designs on BBM, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram which gives me a lot of pride. I have millions of fans on BBM, Facebook and my Twitter accounts. As of right now in Nigeria, if you check out 10 Blackberry phones or Apple or Androids or any other smart phones from people, you will find out at least, 8 out of those people are using my Creative African posters and designs which can be found on my fan page.  You can get this posters and designs on my fan page on / Twitter: @IsaacoMedia / Pin: 27847071.

Tkbesh! From myself and the entire Tkbesh Int’l Magazine and Tkbesh Online, we wish you all the best. Thank you for your time.

Isaaco media: All thanks to Almighty God, I am also using this media to say a big thank you to Tkbesh! Int’l Magazine(print) & Tkbesh! Online for giving me this opportunity.






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