Business: Men In Events~Interview With Ola Dosunmu.








“We don’t just decorate and go”

Ola Dosunmu has worked on virtually every nook and cranny of the Northwest with organizations ranging from Private Clients to large corporations and NGOs. His major concern has been to help organizations and private individuals as they negotiate a transforming world for their Events.

Tkbesh! Hello Ola,

Ola: Hi Tk Besh, thanks for giving us an opportunity to talk to you and the world about what we do in Manchester.

Tkbesh! That’s what we are all about here at Tkbesh! Int’l Magazine. Can you give us just a brief introduction about your work?

Ola: We are the Executive Tents and Party Decorations Manchester. Popularly known as Ola Dosunmu. Our business started a few years back and we have grown from strength to strength, to God be the glory and thanks to our customers for believing in our work.




Tkbesh! What is it like to be a man working in a field dominated by women?

Ola: Firstly an old adage says “what a man can do, a woman can do even better” but in this case, it’s the order way round. Though, I must say its a bit challenging. The interesting side of this, is when people think Ola Dosunmu is a woman and later realise is a man. Many have asked me, if am representing the woman in question . I believe it is only in our community, that we have such mentality that decoration job is for women. The world renown decorators are male with very few female in the world market.




Tkbesh! What is your role as an event coordinator and Manager in Executive Tent and Party Decorations Manchester(Uk)?

Ola: As the C.O in charge, I am the master planner while my wife gives me ideas, inspirations and research on how to go about stuffs. I also give professional advice to customers on things like; colour combination, hall arrangement, coordination of their parties, helping to find a budget as well as befitting venue and above all we also assist on the success of their big day, we don’t just decorate and go.

Tkbesh! Do you run any Apprenticeship or Volunteers scheme?

Ola: At the moment we do not run any apprenticeship but we have it in our future plan. As for the volunteers scheme; we do go to some primary schools in Manchester to teach the kids the fundamental balloons skills, no knowledge is a waste especially among our kids. We also have it in our plan to visit the children hospitals and make some mega balloon decorations for them during Christmas period to put a smile on their face while they are away from home during festive period.

20140401-072751-pm.jpgTkbesh! Oh that’s great! You mean volunteering to empower young school children around Manchester. More like your way of giving back to the community too?

Ola: That’s right Tk Besh, our corporate social responsibility.


Tkbesh! What tips do you have for young Male event  looking to get into your line of work?

Ola: My advice to them is not to get intimidated that the job is mainly for women alone, moreover they should believe in themselves and their ability, be respectful and humble and always be ready to take criticism and be hard-working then success will follow.



Tkbesh! What unique experience or qualifications separate you from other event managers or planners in Manchester?

Ola: I am one of the very few male Qualatex C.B.A . Holders in Manchester. I also bagged a qualification in colour arrangements & combinations and event management . Therefore you have a professional balloonist and an event decorator right in front of you.


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