Hotel~Business: Exclusive Chat With Soteria Hotel Boss


The Soteria Parkview is a first class boutique hotel located in the high brow residential area known as Parkview in Ikoyi Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria. The Soteria Parkview is part of The Soteria Hotels group established to provide first class hotel accommodation, as well as restaurant, conference and leisure facilities to discerning guests.

Tkbesh! chat to Wale Adesida general manager at The Soteria Hotels in Ikoyi about the hotel’s next direction and more…

Wale Adesida. General Manager at Soteria Hotel

Wale Adesida. General Manager at Soteria Hotel

Tkbesh! What is your background in hospitality?                                                     

My background in the hospitality business is dated back to 2006.

Tkbesh! In general, how do you think the hotel industry is performing at the moment?      

The hotel industry is performing greatly in Nigeria at the moment because of the various activities taking place bringing in business professionals, tourists and local guests. Its doing greatly but it can improve if the issue of power is adequately tackled.

Tkbesh! Tell us what is unique about your hotel’s location and what authentic local experiences will guests have access to?

  Our hotel location is unique because it is located at the tranquil surroundings of old Ikoyi which is the Central Metropolitan City of Lagos. There is easy access to shopping malls, Cinemas, decent clubs, bars and lounges, hospitals, corporate head offices of organizations, embassies, recreation facilities, residential neighborhood estates and stand alone houses about. It retains the porshe status of Lagos area and It is a mixed location of business and leisure. It has adequate security because it accommodates the rich and elites of the society.

Tkbesh! What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable?                                

Hmmm…(Thinking) what makes our hotel memorable to our guest is the feeling of home away from home. We operate a lifestyle hotel and every guest has a personal attention and service tailored to their needs.

Tkbesh! What is the atmosphere of your hotel?    

The atmosphere of our hotel is serene and that of a resort where leisure, comfort and the quietness of the ambiance steals you away from the boisterous city life! We have a fitness centre and a pool where our guests are free to relax 24hrs of the day. The lounges are usually quiet and busy professionals lodging with us find it useful to network and relax at the end of each working day.

Tkbesh! What types of guests does it attract?                                                          

We attract expatriates from multinationals, embassies, tourists, guest pastors of Christian denominations, business professionals, international exhibition guests, wedding guests from outside Nigeria, politicians, government officials, honey moon couples, private individuals. Our conference hall is usually used for various purposes such as conferences, seminars, trainings, lectures, symposiums etc. We have meeting rooms for club meetings, business meetings and other purposes.

Tkbesh! Does your hotel have a philosophy, tell us?                                                    

 Our hotel philosophy is home away from home. Its a lifestyle resort hotel so we try as much make our guest feel at home. From the pick up transfer we offer our international guests or the moment you walk in to our premises, our friendly and well trained staff see to it that your experience is as memorable as possible.

Tkbesh! This we ask everyone we meet, how do you define success?                      

  We define success as the satisfaction a guest experiences to make them come again and again or make referrals without hesitation.

Tkbesh! Anything else we should know?

A visit will convince you. Come to us whenever you visit Nigeria and we would make your visit a worthwhile experience.


Wale Adesida

Wale Adesida

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