Tkbesh! 5Questions With Yetunde Oduwole

20140314-070155-pm.jpg1.     Tkbesh!  What is the secret behind the young look? 

Bustilne:  Peace of mind interprets my young looks. When you have peace, your beauty glows and that extract 10 years from your age. I do not let anything bother me. I make sure I go to bed a happy woman no matter the storm. I smile to myself when I tell people my age, and they go “are you for real?” Above all, I am grateful to God for endowing me with the gift of agelessness, not everybody has that gift, I am pure lucky! Like I told people on my 43rd birthday, “life began for me at 40, and at 43, I am just beginning to walk!”


2.     Tkbesh!  What is Success to you?

Bustline: Success to me is dreaming tall dreams and accomplishes them. For instance, I am a tall dreamer. I dream of achieving what others have not done. I do not follow the crowd; I make sure I am the distinct one. When I started Diamond Special Recognition Awards in 2011, my dream was to make it global. In the history of such awards, it has never been made global. Success is when I took it out of London to Africa and in 2013 to USA. The dream is to celebrate unknown achievers globally and I am happy that tall dream is turning out a success. I give God the praises for being the pacesetter of global awards. I have no power of my own.

 3.     Tkbesh!  Who is one person you can name that inspires you?

Bustline: The one person that inspires me to no end is Kanya King, the founder of MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Awards. She launched the awards from her bedroom in 1996 and ever since, she has been unstoppable amidst all odds. We’ve got loads in common: Beauty, Brain and Brawn. More so, she has been a single mum for a long time, just like me. I admire this woman loads. She is strong, full of high hopes and the “Can Do” spirit. I pray someday soon, my own kind of award, DSRAwards would be known worldwide, attended by global celebrities and dignitaries, and then, my joy will be fuller.

4.     Tkbesh!  “Reaching you since 1989” can you briefly explain that”?  

Bustline: I have been in the industry for a while. 24 years is no joke! I started out in 1989, 2 years after secondary school. I had loads of write ups and I was looking for a magazine who would be interested. Then I bumped into a man called Steven Lar, a brother to an ex-governor of Plateau State, Solomon Lar. He invited me on board his Magazine called The Editor. From there I moved to Plateau Publishing Company where I had two columns in both Nigerian Standard on Saturday (where I had an audio-visual Column) and the Sunday paper (Where I actually started the Bustline Column) my sojourn in the “pen pushing” world kicked off from there. I left Jos for Lagos and joined Kayode Ajala in Hearts (a romance Journal) where the Bustline Column became popular. Then I moved on to magazines like Fame Magazine, Global Excellence Magazine (I was its first woman editor), Marvel Magazine, Eminent People, and City People etc. I actually was a co-publisher of Crystal Magazine here in London in 2003 with my ex-husband. It was the first complete lifestyle and fashion free journal which later became an all gloss, all colour magazine. I have put a solid 24 years into media/ journalism. I thank God.

 5.     Tkbesh!  What is that fashion item you can’t leave home without? 

Bustline: Wow! That is a difficult one! I thought you would ask me what my favourite fashion item is! And that is what I would answer (laughter) Sorry for twisting your question, but if you really look at it, I cannot leave home without them! A pair of shoes! Forgive me, but I am a shoe fetish. I have them in their hundreds! I used to get my kids to count my shoes, until they told me they were tired of counting! I can’t keep my eyes off shoes! I go weak in the knees for them. I am trying to beat Imelda Marcos’s record (More laughter): The legendary Filipino and the widow of former Philippine President, Ferdinand Marcos who had over 3,000 pairs!

Thank you for your time. Here at Tkbesh! We wish you all the best!



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