! ! ! BnS Lounge Opens in London, UK. ! ! !

imageTkbesh! Congratulations to you on the successful creation of your BnS Lounge!

BnS:- Thank you Tkbesh!

Tkbesh! Is this out of woodwork or something that’s been in the making for awhile now?

BnS:- It’s been in the pipeline for quite a while but acquiring a great location has been challenging. We couldn’t hold onto the first location we found last year due to some issues on the part of the owners, so we had to start looking for somewhere else all over again. Until a few weeks back that we learned of the vacancy at the former G2G restaurant. We took the lease and with the grace of God, we have turned it into a comfortable, classy and cosy Lounge that’s going to be the talk of London for many years to come!

Tkbesh! You are one of London’s leading Promoter in the UK. What is BnS going to offer in terms of business and opportunities?

BnS:- At the moment, we are in the process of hiring employees thus creating employment opportunities amongst Nigerians and others to create a fair and equal opportunity working environment for all. We are also creating opportunities for other intending promoters that would love to package their events with us or at our facility.

Tkbesh! London-UK is one big and a fierce city of competition. How do you intend to compete with others in this same line of business?

BnS:- I have always loved to run my own race. Competing with others hasn’t been my strongest suite. My motto in business and personal life is to always try my best and strive harder to best my own best! I stood out as a promoter through hard work and grace of God. BnS Lounge is going to be operated along the same guidelines.

Tkbesh! In a word or two, how do you plan to stand out from the rest?

BnS:- I don’t know if a word or two could describe how we intend to do that but nevertheless, I shall try. BnS Lounge isn’t your average restaurant establishment. No, it is far from just that. BnS Lounge is a more of relaxation spot. Although, you are still going to enjoy our exotic small chops, seafood, jerk chicken to lamb and pepper soup; you are going to enjoy much more! Over the years, I ha

Crowned London Queen Of Promoters Dupe BnS with Tokunbo Adebesin

Crowned London Queen Of Promoters Dupe BnS with Tokunbo Adebesin

ve worked in many lounges and restaurants. I will be bringing on board all that experience and a team of experienced hands to combat the daily need and present our clients the best experience of their lives. We are entertainment oriented lounge where you can enjoy playing snooker and enjoy the thrill of exotic dancers on our coded Thursdays. Our Fridays are going to be saturated with the hottest DJ’s, while our Saturdays are going to be enjoyed with indigenous live band music. You will find that, most places only offer one service or the other from above but, we are going to offer all and more to keep our clients happy!

Tkbesh! When is the official launching and at what venue is it taking place?

BnS:- Official launching will be in the summer. There’s going to be a huge party with a big named artiste performing music. For now, we are opening for business in march.

Tkbesh! Thank you for your time and our best wishes to you as always.

BnS:- Thank you actually Tkbesh! You have been very supportive and you truly are about celebrating people and their successes. May God bless you!

Tkbesh! Amen and you too! ———————-

The Classic BnS Lounge is opening for business on the Fri 7th March, One of its kind and simply the best ultra modern Lounge for Nigerians and all in the UK!
Location No 1 Wantz. Road Dagenham, Rm10, 8PS. Booking info pls contact the Manager on 07794248946 or BnS 07961081813. Fully Supported by Tkbesh! » Celebrating you & your success!

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