“No Knife So Sharp Can Cut My Love For Paso” – Buklad, Head of Oganla Ladies

BUKLAD a.k.a OGANLA QUEEN. Head of  Oganla Ladies,UK.

BUKLAD a.k.a OGANLA QUEEN. Head of Oganla Ladies,UK.

Tkbesh!  Buklad, first time we had a privilege of meeting was at the BnS crowning party in London where WAP1 was performing and I was kind of intrigued and subsequently prompted to have this Chat! Who is, or rather who are the Oganla Ladies?
Buklad: We are a set of young dynamic and focus driven young ladies promoting our brand, the Oganla family. By creating awareness to the general public, we do everything positive to lift the banner of the Oganla and the household. We stand for peace and harmony.
Tkbesh! What brought you about? Is this just for the love of WAP1 or something else?
Buklad: Love is of two types. The first being a conditional love where you find a reason to love a certain reason to love a person and whereby, if that reason ceases to exist, you find a way to move on and the second is unconditional which is brought upon by respect and mutual belief and understanding in a cause. I believe, we are being brought together out of selfless acts of kindness and devotion to a better cause for our organizations and community. If I may add on the unconditional love I talked about earlier; the love that I personally have for Paso is from God! Paso is me and I am Paso and you can quote me on this because, no knife so sharp can cut my love for Paso!
Tkbesh! Apparently, you are located and based in Manchester, UK. How do you organize your meetings abroad? Do you simply have branches all over or you travel out each and every single time?

Buklad: Yes we do have branches in Nigeria, South Africa, Cairo(Egypt), Germany, Holland, United States of America and the United kingdom where our headquarter is located. We also have a group on blackberry and Facebook for access and easier communications.


Tkbesh! Is your organization open to public or members only?

Buklad: Our organization is open to the public. As mentioned earlier, we are on Facebook, Blackberry, YouTube, Instagram and our website is opening soon insha Allah!

Tkbesh! I am sure some folks would love to know if any of your members is involved personally with WAP1?

Buklad: No one has any personal relationship with WAP1 within our organization. The relationship is strictly just being under his umbrella as the Oganla Ladies. Moreover, that aspect is one of our ground rules. No one from within the organization may be involved personally with another. We put the fundamentals up first!

Tkbesh! Someone was crossed with WAP1 over the Arabambi thing earlier on my status update. What is the relation with Arabambi and WAP1?

Buklad: Really? To answer that, I would say, cordial!

“The love I have for him is love from God…” – Buklad



Tkbesh! How would you describe Wasiu Alabi Pasuma as a person?

Buklad: Alhaji Wasiu Alabi Pasuma is just a brand that has no rival and a second to no one! He is a man that was created on a special day by Almighty Allah to liberate the populace from the world of poverty to success. WAP1 is an humble, decent, intelligent, respectful, kind hearted and God fearing man! The man is blessed beyond the obvious and as you can see, it reflects in all that he does!

Tkbesh! How do you fund your organization? Do you receive support at all from WAP1?

Buklad: Tkbesh! I trust you want to know everything, can we leave that part confidential for the moment. (smiles)

Tkbesh! Ok Buklad that’s fine. Tell us, do you see Fuji Music being taken to a greater heights than it is now or what do you think could be done to it and the industry in general?

Buklad: Anything and everything can always use improvement including Fuji Music but, I think at the moment Fuji Music is at the top already! Fuji Music brand has always been notable and sociable right from the get go. The forefathers of Fuji Music like Chief Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade and the late Barrister Ayinde to mention but a few paved the way but I believe this newest generation of ours is transforming it into a whole new level. I believe the best is here and we can only hope for more!

Tkbesh! Thank you for having this Chat with us and we wish you the best in all your future engagements.

Buklad: You are welcome and  thank you too Tkbesh!


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Some of the Oganla Ldies with Pasuma





oganlad oganla.


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