Yetunde Oduwole’s Star Studded 2013 DSRA, USA [Photos]





The annual Diamond Special Recognition Awards is an initiative of BUSTLINE MEDIA UK. This year  it was  held at the Embassy  of Nigeria, Washington DC, whilst the after party train moved to Blossom Banqueting Hall, Maryland USA.  The awards ceremony is aimed at recognizing both the unsung and the celebrated that have contributed to the world’s economy and social growth both home and abroad.  Here we bring you some of the faces from the star-studded event. 

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Life Depicted Productions

1392536_742394262444819_1206090733_n 988312_742394339111478_454486289_n 1381581_742395235778055_1712395825_n 1384066_742396395777939_993666353_n 1383243_742396385777940_323623549_n 954899_742396862444559_593084129_n 1374752_742397852444460_1087138319_n 1381530_742398019111110_2075523905_n 1379408_742398135777765_1929370829_n 1380057_742398312444414_1827887456_n 1377087_742399125777666_304336208_n 558430_742399329110979_194585633_n 1381879_742399505777628_1902260736_n 625541_742401595777419_1927368847_n (1) 1385219_742401829110729_750940889_n 1391652_742402159110696_1329354292_n 1378707_742402622443983_1047318640_n 1383972_742403255777253_1078978728_n 1383972_742403255777253_1078978728_n 1383104_742403995777179_1020287113_n 1383761_742404272443818_304682874_n 1379764_742404712443774_601999964_n 1391672_742405139110398_925482934_n 1385180_742405175777061_1849004506_n 1379837_742405735777005_144006503_n 1393836_742405839110328_1765736535_n


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