Health Talk [Hemoglobin C Trait]


Health Talk

What is C Trait? 

People with hemoglobin C trait have red blood cells that have normal hemoglobin A and an abnormal hemoglobin. The abnormal hemoglobin is called hemoglobin C. People with hemoglobin C trait have slightly more hemoglobin A than hemoglobin C. People with Hemoglobin C trait do not have health problems related to having the trait. Hemoglobin C trait is harmless – you do not have the disease – you are just a carrier of hemoglobin C, however if both parents have C trait, each baby has a 1 in 4 chance of inheriting Hemoglobin C disease.
Most individuals with Hemoglobin C disease are quite well. Iron and vitamins will not raise the blood counts. No other therapy, treatments or special precautions are necessary. Your child should be able to live a normal life even though he has his condition. Hemoglobin C is so mild that regular medical attention for the anemia is not necessary. It is a lifelong condition, so it is important that you are aware of its existence in your child.
How do I know if i’m a C Trait?
The only way to know if you have hemoglobin C trait is to have a simple blood test. Talk to your physician about genetic testing and counseling if you or a member of your family member has Hemoglobin C trait.
Health is Wealth, look after yours!
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Health Talk


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