“My survival was just by the grace of God” – Actress Biola Adebayo-Bashorun


Tkbesh! Welcome to this chat mission!

Biola: Thank you Tokunbo.

Tkbesh! You are now happily married to your long time UK hubby. What were the effects of long distance relationship like for you?
Biola: Hmm, I didn’t really prepare for a long distance relationship Toks. I didn’t like it at all! I only didn’t have a choice when my husband came along. Thank God it ended well. ( Biola Laughs)

Tkbesh! Where, when and how did you meet your husband?
Biola: I met my husband in 2010. We courted for about two and half years. He saw me on screen a while ago and since has been looking for me. He was did finally got to me in 2010.

Tkbesh! That sounds interesting Biola. Growing up for you must have been very tough with your parents divorcing when you were only five years old. How did you survive the break and coped with living with your grand parent?
Biola: It wasn’t easy at all my dear! My survival was just by the grace of God. My life is a symbol of God’s grace, mercy and favor. It was really tough and rough but God was on my side all He never left me. I was determined and stayed focused on my dreams the whole way. I could just say that God has helped me thus far.

Tkbesh! image

Tkbesh! We are happy for you. Do tell us about your educational background please.
Biola: I actually had a nursery school education earlier on, I went to primary, secondary and later went to Lagos state university where I had my first degree in History And International Relations.

Tkbesh! : How did you become an actress and what is it that made you wanted to become one?
Biola: I loved Television as a kid and have always seen myself as TV personnel from a very tender age. I waited purposely for the right opportunity to start and grabbed the opportunity with both hands when the finally came. I started going for auditions in 2002 and eventually started with Wale Adenuga Productions in 2003.

Tkbesh! Due to kind of exposures acting career bring about, many parents and guardians are reluctant to give their blessings. My parents were very concerned when I decided to acting. It took God’s grace and my understanding grand father to allow me get into it. How was it for you around your family?
Biola: I lost my dad the year I started acting. But really none of my family members were against it. They knew the kind of child I was and gave their 100% support and with that the sky became beginning Toks.

Tkbesh! Do you believe in the popular notion that a female actress needed more than just beauty, looks and talent to rise to the top?
Biola: Tokunbo? I know what you mean! Personally I don’t believe in that notion and I understand why most people would because of the nonsense you read in the news about actors and actresses especially the young and upcoming. What I think you need most in any chosen career is God. After that, you can talk about talent, education, professionalism, beauty, humility and having the attitude towards whatever you are doing is also very important.

Tkbesh! We know that you are a cross over actress with your ability to perform both in Yoruba and English movie roles. Is this something you set out to do or along the line an opportunity
presented itself?
Biola: Oh yes Toks! I have always had a mind of being a cross over actress. There’s so much I can do through God and the talents He’s bestowed on me. I always wanted to do more and I believe
there’s always more to be done!


Tkbesh! Since the popular movie Eyin Oka, what would you consider your biggest challenge?
Biola: Really acting is fun and come natural to me. I could only say the biggest challenges I and the industry as a whole faced with is finances especially in the Yoruba movies productions We are actually rated lower and never given enough credit. As you may well know Toks, everyone wants to live comfortably through their earnings and although I would say that the pay is better an average job pays in Nigeria. Having to deal with some tough fans is another challenge we face but we understand it’s mostly out of love and we handle it as best as we could. The biggest could have been more of those having wrong impressions of perceptions of who we are as actors and actresses.

Tkbesh! We can only but imagine. You are presenter on a show called “Identical” which is actually in English. How did you land that?
Biola: The show “identical” is not really a new show. It’s been on for about five years or so now. I got the contract through one of my jobs in super story. It’s been great.

Tkbesh! Oh, right. Are you the type of actress that would only work with few selected producers and directors or you pretty much would work with anyone given that the condition terms of contract are favorable to you?
Biola: I can work with any producer or director as long as the script is a good one and work conditions are acceptable to me and by standards. I do take and reject offers sometime based on script.

Tkbesh! Any favorite producer and director and why?
Biola: Uhm, I wouldn’t really say that I have a favorite one. I love all the producers and directors that I work with and do good movies.

Tkbesh! Any favorite local and international actors?
Biola: Not quite but Genevieve will always remain my dearest. Maybe this is just out of natural likeness for her? I do like Funke Akindele too a great deal. I respect Angelina Jolie for her ability her home and still remain one of the best actresses in the world.

Tkbesh! Any plans on starting a family right away? Any number of kids you want to have?
Biola: Tkbesh! “Una just wan know everything abi?” I plan on starting my family right away by God’s grace. I am thinking three isn’t a bad number for kids but that will also largely depend my husband wants also. If he wants more, I just might not have a choice. ( Biola giggles! )

Tkbesh! One of our fans on our Facebook wanted to know how you are keeping yourself in such a great shape. Any secrets?
Biola: I do necessary exercise, I don’t eat too much, I try to drink plenty of water and smile a lot. Above all, I think its God’s grace because I sleep a lot. Please don’t laugh at me.

Tkbesh! Not laughing Biola. That was actually good! If you could turn back the hands of time, what would you do differently growing up?
Biola: If I could turn back the hands of time, I will love to be a lot closer to God. I will study more, play more with my friends and kids than work, work and work. I will love it when I my needs within my reach.

Tkbesh! Another one of our fan also wanted to know if you consider yourself a romantic person and what your idea of a romantic evening would be with a loved one?
Biola: Romance! I don’t want to brag here Toks but my hubby can better describe me on that. (smiles). My idea of a romantic evening would be having a date with my hubby, maybe dine in cuddling up afterwards. Sharing jokes, a movie perhaps and just generally fooling around with my man. ( Biola giggling again )

Tkbesh! This question is actually mine and you are going to have to excuse me but I will ask anyways. Biola, do you like to cook and what’s your favorite meal?
Biola: Toks! You too? I don’t like to cook. I actually love to cook! I love cooking passionately. I do not have a favorite meal as such but I love rice and good stew a great deal!

Tkbesh! image

Tkbesh! What is success to you?
Biola: Success to me would mean achieving my set goals with peace of mind. Impacting the lives of everyone around me positively, leaving this world a better place than I found it by leaving marks and enjoying a good relationship with God, my hubby, my family, friends and others around me.

Tkbesh! Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Biola: Five years? Well, only time can and will tell Toks. I just want to concentrate on my family and my relationship with God for now. God and my family are all that matter to me.

Tkbesh! Any shout out to someone in particular and your fans?
Biola: My shout out will always go to all my fans round the world! Thank you for loving me. To my family, thank you for your support and prayers. To my in-laws, thank you for accepting me wholeheartedly.
To my colleagues and friends, thanks for always been there for me. And of course the biggest shout out goes to my husband! Thank you baby for being my best friend. I appreciate love you. God bless us all!

Tkbesh! Thank you for your time.
Biola: Thank you so much Tkbesh! I am happy we did this!

Tkbesh! image
Interviewed by: Tokunbo Adebesin
Photography: Tunde Akinmade
Make-up by: Abiola Adebayo-Bashorun577938_10151520390641578_58827462_n


2 thoughts on ““My survival was just by the grace of God” – Actress Biola Adebayo-Bashorun

  1. Biola Adebayo u are my best actress ever
    I pray u and ur family wil live long 4eva amen
    Ur going out & coming in wil b fa4 by d special grace of God
    It is well with you
    Amen Amen & Amen

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