Meet London based Da C Tohbad


Household names are sometimes written in the stars and at other times, they are simply built up from the ground. In the case of Da C Tohbad A.K.A DJ Chingi and A.K.A Sure Boi with birth name (Oladipupo Jeje), who was born in the eighties and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. It was all a ground hard work which would ultimately reveal that he may have been born a star all along. He is blessed with a vision and with it he started writing songs early in the year 2009 and in the year 2010 he wrote his first song titled “I GO MAKE AM ” which means I will make it!

This multi-talented artist is blessed in numerous ways. His writing abilities and type of songs he is putting his mark on are unlimited. When you talk about Afro Beat, Hip hop, Roc-A-Fella era to F and Boyz Noise, and everything in-between he is there.

da cj

He wanted to take his music prowess globally and with that in mind he moved to London in the year 2008. He teamed up and started putting out music under AFRODISIAK Entertainment after meeting up and forging friendships with so many other rappers such as Zee Zee Mirror Man And El Flaco 360 365.

But unknown to many, he was a dancer and doubled as a DJ back home in Surulere Lagos Nigeria. He is such a great dancer who danced for MTN dancerthon, Glo shows which also helped in bringing him to lime light. Many thought he was good and funny and carried on with just about everybody.

da c m DAC4

When not singing, writing songs or dancing, he is showing off his sense of fashion and trying ever so hard to bring smiles to the faces of people around him. He is a well-mannered person. When team Tkbesh! met with him in the city of London-UK, we were not too surprised with such a humbleness he carries himself and such a cool headed person he demonstrated before our team. His smiles in particular were infectious.

In the year 2011 he met a UK based and well known talented Artist called AB (Afrikan Boy) they both did a song titled (Pon Pon Remix) Da Grin Tune. God rest the soul Da Grin.

Later in the year 2012 he met a lady called Vicky Leo whom is also a UK based talented female rapper and together they have been working and called themselves (AMILLIE IN MY

TWENTIES). Together they dropped two singles in 2012 and together they have worked since. With a lot of friends back in Nigeria in the music industry and new friends in Malaysia, South Africa, here in London-UK and America, it can be said that this Da C is set to take the world by storm!

Da C is believed to have created a musical circuit and standing on his own for the first time, he is poised to carve his foot prints in the musical world and entertainment and here at Tkbesh! We join the rest of the world in wishing him the best!

Check his recent video ‘Beautiful girl’



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