A chat with an extra-ordinary Monarch. HRM Oba Raufu Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji (Akinrun of Ikirun)

Meeting Oba Raufu Olayiwola Olawale Adedeji the present Akinrun of Ikirun whose coronation ceremony took place on 5th July, 1990 is a privilege and a cherished experience. The conferment of an MFR Award by President Goodluck Jonathan on Oba Rauf Olayiwola Adedeji, the Akinrun of Ikirun, is no longer a surprise to me after meeting HRH, it is indeed an honour well-deserved and merited.

Oba Rauf Olayiwola Olawale is a devout Muslim. In 2002, he performed his pilgrimage to Mecca in fulfilment of his Islamic faith. He is a strong pillar of the Muslim community in Ikirunland and Osun State. He is the grand patron of Ibadu-Rahman Society of Nigeria and the Anwar-Ul-Islam Society, Ibadan. On many occasions, he has spent his wealth for the propagation of Islam, especially through Da’wah and humanitarian activities. Although, there are traditionalists in the town who still perform their religious rites and festivals, the Oba and most of his chiefs have virtually stopped their traditional worships, even in the palace.

Watch out for my chat with this king whose kingdom has witnessed great transformation since his ascension… 

Tunde Akinmade(Tkbesh official photo journalist)


Full interview coming soon…


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