Tkbesh! Joins Maigaskiya in Dissing Pirates!

Celebrate with your host; don’t be a pirate!


It has truly become a trend for many to put up photos of attended event on the social media/network, before  the official release of the professional photos by the host or their representatives. Piracy is not only common with the Nollywood movies but a big issue for Publishers and Photographers alike. All we are saying is leave the job to the experts! and concentrate on celebrating with your host. 

Photos by MAIGASKIYA PHOTOGRAPHY SERVICES (MPS) & Fabiyi Photography for Tkbesh!


We’ill like to hear your view, leave a comment.

Copyright © Tkbesh!, 2013. All Right Reserved. 


One thought on “Tkbesh! Joins Maigaskiya in Dissing Pirates!

  1. Pls tell them!
    Brides had missed their personal photo session bcos they spent time posing for friends to get bb dp shots of them. As if that’s not enough, they get in official photog in name of trying to capture the moment!
    If you understand with the ladies, how do you explain the full grown men who take active roles in such?

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