Just 5 Questions with Iyabo Ojo

   “I’m so blessed and fulfilled my dear”

Iyabo Ojo is one of the big girls of Nollywood no doubt. The A list actress has come a long way,although generally considered controversial and a bad girl,no one can deny that when it comes to role interpretation, Iyabo popularly known as ‘Iy sexy’ is the queen of the screen. A celeb super mum,despite her busy life still spend good quality time with her children.

"I'm so blessed and fufilled my dear"


Tkbesh!: Hello Ms Ojo mind to share how long have you been a single parent?

Iyabo Ojo: About  10 years

Tkbesh!: What happened to make things go downhill?

Iyabo Ojo: I don’t discuss my private life; I have to respect my kids.

Tkbesh!: Do you think it’s possible for a celebrity to be faithful,considering all the temptation there are…? 

Iyabo Ojo: Yes it is very possible, I’m always faithful to my man.

Tkbesh!: Having been through a failed marriage already, do you think you’d do marriage again?

Iyabo Ojo: If God willing, I will.

Tkbesh!: In few words Ms Ojo, what makes you happy?

Iyabo Ojo: Knowing I have God and my kids and having a wonderful man in my life. I’m so blessed and fulfilled my dear.

Tkbesh!: Thank you for your time. Here at Tkbesh! we wish you all the best!.

Iyabo Ojo: Thank you.


Copyright © Tkbesh!, 2012. All Right Reserved. 


2 thoughts on “Just 5 Questions with Iyabo Ojo

  1. Wow! Interesting 5 questions! I admire your courage and beauty Iyabo Ojo! Keep the good work up and remain beautiful!

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