H.O.B Housing Estates in Akure, … fulfilling the mandate of Creating Homes for all.

Do you realize that when a tenant offends the landlord, the tenant gets a quit notice?. Also, where the landlord is at fault, the tenant is still the one to pack out. With the landlord, the tenant is the ultimate loser. At Tkbesh! we represent winners and we want losers status to change too by Welcoming you to H.O.B Housing Estates in Akure.

hob hob1

Cross Section of Estate

Welcome to H.O.B Housing Estates, Akure

We have units of three bedroom fully detached buildings for sale.

There are three payment options:

1. Outright full payment.

2. Installment payments that span over 12 months.

3. NHF Mortgage Finance Option.

Breakdown of the building cost for three bedroom fully detached building is as stated below in Nigerian Naira:

Application form: 5,000.00
Registration Fees: 250,000.00
Processing Fees: 250,000.00
Building Cost: 6,850,000.00

There is no baseline limit for installment payments.

A Provisional Letter of Allocation will be issued when payment is up to 40%. At that level, you may take possession of the building ie occupy. The balance payment should be made within 12 months of initial payment.

For NHF Option, Here is the breakdown of the MINIMUM payments required;
Application form: 5,000.00
Registration Fees: 250,000.00
Processing Fees: 250,000.00
20% of building cost: 1,370,000.00

Total: 1,875,000.00

For those in Uk, USA & CANADA, If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us or HOB directly via email  sales@hobnigeria.com or call 08094911310 . 

You may also provide your phone details so we could discuss further on phone.

Feel free to visit us on facebook



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