Tkbesh! hangs out with Ngozi Nwosu in London, UK!

Tokunbo Adebesin with Ngozi Nwosu


“When I got on the train to London, UK on the 23rd of March, 2013 to see Ngozi Nwosu, it wasn’t as a publisher who was looking for a story or an interview. It was all about humanity and making a difference! As a child, I grew up watching Ngozi on screen and as a teenager, she was my best! When I learnt of her illness, I was deeply saddened and I prayed so hard for the hand of God to touch and heal her. More-so, I was reminded of how short life can be and how anything can happen to anyone at any given time and forever change a course of life.

I was however marveled during our meeting on how she is still able to crack my ribs despite the obvious weakness in her body. Her signature was her ability to bring people out of their shells. She has the ability to bring smiles and laughter to the faces of millions. We had a long talk, she was in the company of her UK manager, Ms Dupe who doubled as a great friend. Dupe stood by Ngozi Nwosu just as any great friend should have and a true friend is that one that comes through in times of need. God bless you Dupe.

I got answers to all the questions I was contemplating on asking her while we sat there and had heart to heart discussion. I refused to write anything up about her ailment. The important thing is, she is all better and in great shape and hopefully soon she will be ready to go back to doing what she does best! I represent Tkbesh! and at Tkbesh!, we celebrate a success and people who have succeeded in many ways such as Ngozi Nwosu through the many smiles and laughters she has brought to millions of household. Ngozi Nwosu, I love you and celebrate you. You are a star and fighter!” 

 – Tokunbo Adebesin (Publisher/founder of Tkbesh! Int’l Magazine)

Muyiwa Ilesanmi With Ngozi Nwosu

Muyiwa Ilesanmi with Ngozi Nwosu

From left; Muyiwa,Ngozi and Dupe (Ngozi’s Uk Manager)

Ngozi listening to Tokunbo Adebesin during their meeting yesterday.

1-NGOZI NWOSU 002 Tokunbo with Ngozi 1-NGOZI NWOSU 014 Tokunbo


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