Tai T-besh and Keni K-besh Hangout with 9ice & Crew In Dallas!: PICTURES.

It was not just another world tour show for 9ice in Dallas on February 23rd, 2013. It was much more! The world favorite artiste took time up to chill with his fans in Dallas. He was in the company of Usman aka Araba of Dallas, Lanre from the city of ATL, GA, One of the most Dallas talented artiste Sean Cza and of course Tkbesh! Int’l Magazine publisher’s twins siblings amongst many others. We gathered that the famous and humbled 9ice did more than endorsing the fast rising magazine Tkbesh! He actually performed a short shout out video just for Tkbesh! which will be out soon enough. We wish everyone and the great musician a continuous success!




Usman aka Araba of Dallas with 9ice


From Left: Lanre (Atl GA) 9ice and Sean Cza


Alapomeji displays an advert page in Tkbesh!

Tai T-besh!

Tai T-besh with Dallas Tx Artiste Sean Cza


Lanre from Atl GA with Tai T-besh


9ice Endorsed Tkbesh! in Dallas!.

Photography by Tai T-besh for Tkbesh!

Copyright © Tkbesh!, 2013. All Right Reserved. 




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