Dare Art Alade Is No FOOL! But A Wise Business Man

“What is Poverty? Hmm… well I just got told now of a new definition but not sure how true? Many are broadcasting over BBMs what looks like a fact to me, oh no! to them. “Poverty is when Dare Art Alade, whose worth not more than N10million per year, (pays) Kim Kardashian N75,000,000 for 45sec of doing nothing”. Right now I’m thinking…  Dare A rt Alade is no  fool though, what do you think?”  I was discussing this issue with a good friend of mine Bisi Padonu( CEO BUSY BEE EVENT NIG) and we both couldn’t agree more than conclude on what a wise business man Dare is, as matter of fact he’s a good strategist who used Kim to capture Nigerians and got their money. Do you still think Dare is a FOOL?” – Tokunbo Adebesin (Publisher/CEO Tkbesh!)


Copyright © Tkbesh!, 2013. All Right Reserved. 



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