Charming Female Indigenous Rapper; CocoIce Photoshoot In Lagos.

CocoIce! CocoIce!! CocoIcy!!! Talk about humility and a generally fun person to be with. Everyone on our Tkbesh! Nigerian team had good stuff to say about this reserved rapper. “I simply couldn’t believe she’s that respectful of others and cool” – Tunde Akinmade,Tkbesh! Official Photo Journalist said.  We had a great photo shoot session with Mojisola Sowole simply known as CocoIce and can’t wait to share all the details and chat mission with you in our upcoming Issue.




Make-up: Beeyouthiful

Hair Stylist: Bmatt

Accessories & Shoe:Verenze Clothings1-DSC_0383

Photography: Photosynthesis for Tkbesh!

Interviewed by: Tokunbo Adebesin & Ire Yusuff


Copyright © Tkbesh!, 2013. All Right Reserved. 




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